Christina MacEwen
sculpture 1990 - present

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Drawing is the matrix, the internalized information that informs the sculptures. My sources are fundamentally the same in either medium. The sources, the imagery, the use of symbol and metaphor, the inward direction: these have been consistent all my working life.

top left:  Durable Fire - Shimmering
top right:  Durable Fire - Embers
bottom left:  Durable Fire - Radiance
bottom right:  Durable Fire - Incandesence


first drawing - Fossil Dreamer

Drawing is both a gift and a long discipline. The meticulous observation of a study drawing; the rapid, expressive observation of a gesture drawing; the considered imagery of a compositional drawing: all become part of one’s internal resources. Drawing lends order to experience, translates experience to into image.

Drawing is response to life. Drawing is a place of origin and of returning.

Drawings include: graphite on rag paper, graphite on paper with pigmented gesso ground, mixed media on paper, mixed media on paper over a worked gesso ground.

intro drawings 1
drawings 2
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